Defying Anonymity(Why I Write)


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We ask, "how?"

When we ail to know why

happiness has eluded our every try.

And in our pursuit

the scars we've come to bear

often rival the moments we hold dear.


Liquid scintillas of desire

mellifluently fare the tensed brow.

And in the wake of innocence, we retire

altruism our childhood dreams dared avow.

Frequented by Failure

Tormented by the tempest of time

We finally refuse money's frail allure

left wanting by its empty, slight rhyme.


(But) Oh the serendipity of love,

encountered in the crisis of identity.

For we...meandered in the crosshairs of mediocrity,

Oblivious to the cold slugs of regret.



I write to empower  the estranged.

Invoking the power of hope, exiled by

human fear of change.

Speaking dreams into reality,

with the fury of belief.

Bending the thoughts of the despondent

to the sublime.


(Dramatically soft)

And Oh...what tears may come?

What impact of yours may fester

in the minds of those

who will wish you

final, echoless goodbyes?

For today we are,

and tomorrow we were.

Although shrouded by  the "how" and "why"

Anonymity, through our impact,  we defy!








Guide that inspired this poem: 


Jabez Beazer

May Have to refresh the youtube video for sound. (First Time uploading a youtube video).


Imani Sophia

Brilliant! absolutely brilliant! And your voice perfectly fits the words, everything flowed so gracefully. Nice job

Jabez Beazer

Took me a year to finish this poem from start  to completion. Thanks for your Compliment. I'm working on being able to vocally deliver as well as I can write.

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