The Definition of Prejudice

PREJUDICE is prejudgment towards any person
It is why in the past it led to owning perpetual bondsmen.
It can also be the reason of jealousy
Prejudice equals sexism and bigotry.

Racism is like being prejudice towards Jews
When you are racist, you judge with no good excuse.
Racist believe their own race is superior
Like Hitler believing Jews are worthless and inferior.

Persecution is the banishment of a certain group through brutality
In the Holocaust, Nazis persecuted Jewish into camps by their sexuality.
Judging by sexuality is an offense that one gender is stronger or has more brains
Today, prejudice towards gender still remains.

Prejudice towards religion or ethnicity
The one doing it feels no complicity.
Hitler hated Jews because they're Jews
They wouldn't disappear so his solution was to kill and abuse.

Appearance is another bother to prejudice dictators
They judge by the way they look, inexcusable haters.
If Jews weren't blonde or blue-eyed, they were put to death
Hitler never stopped killing till he was out of breath.

Prejudice people shouldn't be so superficial
Be careful with what you say, it may be prejudicial.
If you were in the shoes of the offended
You would want any kind of prejudice to have ended.



Allusion to poetry
The root of social issue

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