a definition for narcissism

People all around me

So different and unique

Each their own

With their problems

And personalities

Its really weird to think of

That I am not alone

Everyone has their share

Of bad news

And broken homes


There is a girl sitting down

At one of the tables nearby

I’m watching her from behind the counter

As she sketches something and cries

She's so beautiful

And I want to comfort her

But it's not socially acceptable

So I continue to make coffee

Because that is my job

And she continues to cry

And I wonder what she is sketching


There’s a woman talking to me now

Telling me she doesn’t want whip cream

She’s getting annoyed

Although I’m not really sure why

She hands me a twenty

And tells me to keep the change

An entire six dollars

I guess she isn’t annoyed with me


I give her drink to her

And wish her a good day

As she walks off wordlessly

And I really do hope she has a good day


And I think that the saddest thing is

I spend most of my time

Focused on my own problems

That I rarely see the pain of others.

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My community


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