The definition of I

I keep having to redefine myself.

Who I am today isn't the same I as yesterday. 

I learn something new about myself,

about math,

about life.

I get one second older.

One minute,

one hour,

one year.

Every I is different every day.

I change myself to fit images other people see.

How my mom sees me,

how my friends see me.

Every day,

every moment,

to every person,

I'm someone different.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Wow, this is so true. As much as I love the way ou presented this, I feel it's also important to remember the people we used to be, the ones we were yesterday and the day before, because that's who we learn and grow from. Way to acknowledge the deep concept of the self in its ever-changing nature. This is an awesome poem.

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