Definition of Hailey

The girl that is so sweet

That she is like candy between your teeth.

A mild past she has had

But none to which that will make you mad.

Be careful as she surrounds in your warmth

She will not let go until she knows you are scorched.

Don't be afraid to let Hailey know

She might chew you up and spit you out into a toad!

Don't let the mistakes of others surround you

She can light the way until your path becomes a new.

Helping others is what she does

To comfort you is only because.

Ask and you will recieve

A little please and thank you is all that she needs.

The Definition of Hailey is it not?

Or must I repeat and give you a knot.

This poem is about: 



I hope this poem isn't too bad, it is my first. The poem is the definition of myself, Hailey, I am the type of person who helps, my hobby is to help people it's what I enjoy. The main reason I decided to make a poem is to earm scholar ships for college. I plan to be a Neonatal Nurse, because maternity facinates me.

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