The Definition Of Flawless

I am the definition of Flawless

People will soon know my worth of imoortance

My background comes from all around the world

From Germanany to France

Ireland, Poland, and gave Canada a glance

My hair has no need to be curled

They are tight African thick curls

With two fingers I can make it easily werl 

My body has curves like ocean waves

My big brown eyes are like beautiful harbor bays

I rather be smart with brains

Than some hot piece of art without a name

I want my name to be forever in the spot light

But school is the only thing for now in my sight

I am independat and strong

Never to admit when I am a little wrong

I will provide for myself

Not depending on anyone else

I am a survivor

Staying away from all the womenizers

I will not stop or give up on my dream

I will be the last one on the field out of my whole team

With everything that made me

Everything I came up to be

I have worked on nothing harder

Than to be a hard working daughter

To the world I maybe for now the smallest

But I know that I am forever Flawless


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