Definition of Change


Houston, TX
United States


Change is the thing we all desire

Too stubborn to require 

a dream so easy to admire.


Change is everything we hope for,

every moment we go for,

a different persepective,

a different mindset,

a chance to be new

a refreshing of the soul.


Change is fear,

knowing that we dont know what's to come,

something that cant be undone.

Change is the seed planted within our hearts,

crying out for even the smallest drop of water to sprout its roots,

into our lives.


Change is courage,

the boldness to stand ground,

the rising of the mind to a superior state,

ignoring the conflicting forces,

willing to tear down every barrier to reach its potential,

its the voice in your ear telling you to stand for

what you truly belive in,

A chance to reedem the lost years of a heritage,

To accomplish The Dream,

to voice your cry.


Change, you ask?

Change, is sitting at a computer,

tapping the keys of a latop,

to tell the world what you believe should be 



Change, is yourself.

The world deserve more of yourself.

The world deserves,





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