Defined by knowledge

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 00:08 -- MBLewis


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I have the sense of lacking self control
I kid you not when I breathe bidi 
I have a distanced memory 
I dance not when my soul has perished beneath the gravel 
I sin you not when I tell you I will live an eternal life of repetition 
I anticipate not a ceremony when I show you that I am pastel 
For I shade in with a gentle shrug 
My tint is stained like a memoir of pain and suffering 
I could bare these elusive truths 
Clearly a single soul spreader through that of something that is the scars on my family tree
I hold no scars for all has been forgotten 
We are our own 
Yet we stand alone 
We catch silence til the light resurrects from the frozen whisper of dawns' death
It shivers through me 
This sensational idea 
Are we the definition of a scientific theory of existence or are we the wonders of the unknown psyche? 
We are born 
We live
We question
We die
In that we live again 
Yet from everything we know
The knowledge came from what we didn't know
On this canvas of happiness it shines "live upon death for neither shall we understand" 
It amazes me that everyone must know everything 
For they feel it is the key to all happiness 
When in truth knowledge leads people into darkness 
Away from the light they had already foreseen 
I am amazed by all the knowledge I have come across 
The history I was once eager to learn 
It has lead me from my external happiness 
I am now buried with my soul in darkness 
Soon the treasure shall be found in this darkness
In hopes the awesomeness in everything will be found 
A true maze to truth and happiness 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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