Define Your Happiness

What's Happiness?

Perhaps making a stranger smile

or seeing your soulmate for just a while

What's Happiness?

Is it waking up with all of your family at home

or taking a crazy last minute trip to rome

What's Happiness?

Is it speaking to your mom everynight on the phone

or do you have moments in which you rather be alone

What's Happiness?

Will it make you smile if I told you that there will never again be a war

Does this some how bring happines through your door

What's Happiness?

Would you go back in time and fix a mistake

Would you leave behind everything you thought was real but was fake

What's Happiness?

If you had all the money in the world would you be the happiest person ever

or would all the money make your soul more heavier

What's Happiness?

My happiness is having the power to change a life

Perhaps, helping a homeless man with kids and no wife

Exchange a smile for a smile

A day of work for a dollar

Giving with out receiving

Loving with no condition

And changing lives as a mission





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