Define Me

I had to let it go..

I had to let it go because i picked it back up.

Stuck in my pain, 

It ripped at my gut. 

Cutting my airway, 

Making my eyes start to water up. 

I try to hold you in, 

So the land wouldn’t flood. 

But that baggage from the past man.. 

Its coming back up.

The thoughts of remembering, 

Such a pain from the past. 

It made me realize the situation, 

As if it was me looking at me in a glass. 

I told myself for so long it’s okay let it go. 

Let go of the pain in your past.

For that’s a part of your frustration,

That you don’t want to last. 

Crawl from the pain,

That you don’t want in your tomorrow,

You must go. 

Falling out of my lane, 

It is hard to get back from my sorrows. 

But once I got a hold of the door, 

Shiddd it was sealed shut.

Locked from my future, 

I will not fall again. 

I will not let the weight of my past control me like a on going sin.

My mind must go free.

Free from the labors, 

That it made me think to be. 

I will fall no more, 

For I will pick me up genially.

Fight me of my battles, 

For that’s who I used to be. 

One lost in the mind, 

I felt dead as could be. 

But he showed me its way more to me. 

So here I am me. 

A much better me.  

stronger in the mind, 

Im a much much wiser me.

Wiser to protect me. 

Wiser to guide me. 

Nothing from my past can ever define me. 




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