Define UGLY 

you call something ugly but 

when in someone else perspective there beautiful or handsome or even attractive 

so what really is ugly if everyone has an opinion on a image 

Define SMART

when you say someone is smart what does it really mean 

that person comprehend things in a more faster paste then you did

they think things though or even not have a thought at all but just know the answer 

what makes a person smart

 if anyone else has the ability to accomplish 

to take that step and LEARN 

so I guess that makes everyone single person smart because if you take the time to learn something 

no matter how fast or how slow a person with knowledge is smart

so how come you call that person smarter and that other person stupid 


what makes this world normal

if everyone is  happy and calm that makes you normal

because you behave in a way that followers the people who do the same thing 

and if you decide to change I guess you are not normal

if you don't act the same but you call your self normal

so if you call yourself normal what is normal to you and if I don't act 

in such a way I guess I'm not normal 

but we all do things differently so what makes it normal


If someone asked you who are you 

you will tell them your name 

and if they wanted to know more about you 

you will share your story 

you have your own definition so why do you let people 

define who you should be and how you should act

so I ask you define yourself 

that's the only opinion that should matter 


Something someone takes the time to value 

put passion in and love ,effort in doing 

so don't let anyone tell you its a waste of time

everyone has something they value in life

something that is important ,special

so what makes them say yours isn't important 

what makes their so important ..

Define FEAR

can you see fear 

can you go to a place and have fear

fear is what we feel

how come this feeling have so much impact on our lives and our future 

that we let something like fear be something we have as 

an excuse on facing an obstacle that gets in our way

so what make fear  have so much power towards us 

define those words what makes that word define 

us as a person what makes it something we have full control

over take control over us

define ... something that can be put in writing

and still don't complete a human person 


This poem is about: 
Our world




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