I know there is an attack against me
Because every time I try
To resurface myself from the darker blue depths
Of this drowning hole
You clench my ears and any hair that is tangible
Yanking me below until the source that I need
Begins to become the cause of my death
Taking the shape of my body; breeding instinctively

"STOP IT!" I gurgle
Yet, you don't seem to hear
You just look at me with those sorrowful eyes
That keep telling me lies about
How you were trying to help me?

My lungs and the weight dragging me down
Both battling it out against the
Sweet numbness illusion
And the bitter pinching reality
Until suffocation peeled the unseen before my eyes
Letting me perceive my Angel gliding down
From Heaven
"I'm...not...ready," I whispered
Wasting those three words on the leaves
Everybody breathes from

My captor let go and I began to drift unconsciously
To the midnight club of the sea
Where I was doomed to be wiped
From the existence of earth forever

My Angel was still at the surface of water 
Staring at me with utmost curiosity 
"Wake Up," the angelic voice decreed
My eyes flashed open as I was flung out the water
With a mighty force 
My captor was barely back to the edge
Of that sandy brown beach 
When I told myself one thing before everything 
Went black: 
You may have taken me down, but
You didn't take me out. 

The sunset was redder than ever that evening with 
The moon's purity causing the darkened sea 
To radiate its blood brilliantly.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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