Productive information

Swims to a destructive girl.

It fills her mind,

And proceeds to swirl.

In it, it bubbles,

Whispers and screams,

Her judgement it interrupts

And corrupts her dreams.

She attempts to warn,

To bellow, to control.

Before the thoughts erupt,

Before they take their toll.

She swirls in anguish,

Her mind spins anti-clockwise.

Sense makes none at all.

And her ideas are of a different kind.

Memories disappear,

Replaced with dark dispair.

And as the darkness seeps into her veins,

The dark thoughts are sent for her soul to share.

Help is hopeless,

All accusations are unshown.

She is seated in her mind,

The valley of the unknown.

Everyone has left.

The darkness escapes through her eyes.

Wisps of broken dreams emit from her mouth,

And disappear with tides.

Now alone,

The twisted possibility of perfection

Vanishes from a body too impure

All that's left is tension.


It pulverizes her.

The potential option of happiness washes away as does reality.

Her feet hang 2ft off the ground as she attempts to fly away from the darkness before it clouds her vision and claims her forever. The chair lay beneath her in defeat.


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