Deeply Falling


United States
41° 46' 42.9204" N, 72° 37' 15.708" W

Anastoria Walton
Full Sail University
C/O 2014

When I see you, I get the worst butterflies and I feel as though I am about to touch the sky.
Looking at you puts me on such a high that is so unexplainable.
Your eyes take me to a different universe.
It scares me.
I have never felt so strongly about anyone in my life. I know there is a reason God brought you into my life.
As I'm helping you through your pains and strife, know that I would never regret the day I met you.

You have the slightest clue how I really feel.
You think it’s a crush but I believe that it is way past that.
Our friendship makes me feel secure, like I will always have someone to count on
And you might not know this but you can always count on me.
I dream of the day our friendship bloom because man am I deeply falling.

Funny and smart all in one guy, that’s you
A loving Christian, that’s you
Charming and handsome, that’s you.
You are a beautiful work of art and is sprouting into something gorgeous,
you are just a glimpse of what God can do and be for a person.

When you hug me, I feel like I never want you to let go
and when you do its a disappointment to my soul.
I never get tired of being around you or talking to you just because I’m deeply falling.

I'm not saying that I am in love with you but I really do love you
and I find it funny because some said that you were not who I thought you were.
They were totally wrong.
You are my soul mate.


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