Deeper Than the Sea

I dragged myself along the sand when I could walk no more

Scars and bruises were a burden

Finally fleeing from this self war

Crawling on my knees, not knowing what principled life was coming, I was uncertain


Out of the bloom, it swept in along with the tide

A breeze so gentle and kind

I couldn’t help but open my eyes


What  I saw was a miracle

What I felt was a brand new feeling

Once again I felt repairable

Picking me up off the ground, no more kneeling


Eyes as blue as the ocean

Mesmerizing all that take a single glance

Eyes that when I look into

I, myself, get stuck in a trance


I’m diving into what I’d never imagine

A world full of hope and love

Into what is deeper than the sea

Into what has never been dreamed of


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