The Deeper Meaning Behind The Selfie


Selfies have become a form of art,

With lighting, makeup, and filters to start.

It becomes a crutch in our darkest days,

To say maybe "I look okay."
We rely on the likes, shares, or the comments,

But they are not a mark of our accomplishments.

Honestly I notice I take selfies when I'm feeling down,

Like posting pictures of myself will turn that around.

But this has opened my eyes to the underlying issue,

That we need to embrace our uniqueness like so few.

Sometimes I feel society prevents us from embracing our true selves,

But it's time to change that and here is how.

We can embrace who we are without the excessive picture taking,

Without the societal norm of ourselves we are making.

Without selfies I am unique,

I feel the need to listen to others in times when they feel weak.

I have compassion for those around me,

and generally want the world to be a peaceful place,

and I want girls to stop trying to alter themselves to fit the societal shape.


We need to learn to help others in times of need,

And hopefully this can help prevent the excessive amount of selfies.  

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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