Deep in Your Eyes

I stare deeply into your beautiful brown eyes

as they gleam in the bright moonlight

and I soak in every little detail.

The way your eyes grow soft

as we make eye contact

melts my heart completely.

I have never felt as vulnerable

as I do at this very moment

but it is not a bad thing.


Soon we are walking down the street,

passing a couple who sadly

no longer seem content with each other.

I look up in worry

as I do not want to become that couple.

Your eyes meet mine 

and my shoulders relax.

I no longer feel the fear

that we will become that couple,

because I love you

and I know you love me too.


One night

as I lay by your side

I can sense your unrest

as you will not look me in the eyes.

I gently squeeze your hand

hinting to you that we need to talk.

You begin to cry

as you tell me you aren't enough.

What you don't know 

is that I know you are more than enough,

for you are the one I love.


Many years after that night

on the sofa in my basement,

I look into your eyes

looking for some sort of doubt,

but all I see is joy.

I open my mouth

and say, "I do."

Because I love you,

we will spend an eternity together.

Because I love you,

I will never leave your side.

For better or for worse,

I am yours.

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