I knew deep within my soul

if anyone had ever got close to me 

they would get cast into darken dreams 

they would have to see all that darkness

they would have to feel all that pain

from their own darken past,


The cuts that gets deeper as time goes on 

they would feel the body aches 

the dislocated of body parts 

if they were smart

they would look the other way

not even walk my way to see if I was okay,


if they looked at me too closely 

they would find I am somewhere else

my tears will roll down my face like a waterfall

but when the tears fall to the ground 

they would make a big sound 

like broken glass from the past 

and when I was to talk 

my voice would be sobbing with no words,


silence would be all they would hear 

they would see something

was controlling me 

taking over all my emotions 

lighting up my breath 

given extreme pain deep within 

they will see they are going through

the same pain;

so, I know to keep all away from me 

if I can but things are starting 

to get way out of hand.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980



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