Deep Sea Diving

Could it be possible

That someone

Could love me because of all my good, and despite

All my bad?

Could someone be so willing

To endure my load

Of sadness, strangeness, and chaos

Because they think time spent with me

Is worth it?

Maybe you haven't swam deep enough

In the oceans of my thoughts to understand how dangerous I am

To be with

But somehow,

Despite the warnings on the shoreline

You're willing to dive in?

What if you find you don't like the water?

What if it's too dark to see?

What if it's not worth the effort?

What if you drown in the sea that is me?

Surely your diving equipment isn't suited for this trip

But still you push at the tangling sea weed of doubt,

Oh so willing to discover the real me.

Down deep you may not find pearls or buried treasure, on the contrary there are dark things

that lurk in the deep,

but all the same 

You continue to swim,

I just hope that what you find 

Is worth the journey


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