Dearest one

my long time best friend

thinking of your wellbeing

gives me one question 

how have you been?


one may think that

the only best dedication

is a great song that comes out of

the sweet mouth of a great singer

but this thought blew out my mind

since i think in a different way.


the best dedication

comes from ones heart,

one can dedicate you a smile

from miles and miles

another a song 

none of them is wrong.


i want to dedicate you these sweet words

from my great world that pumps my blood

and that is my heart

hear out,


"hellow! dear one"

my heart calls out for you

though i've never been a great friend

i will be there to hold your hand 

where you can't stand

hold you tight

shine you bright

take your fight

and tell you out

"everything is alright."

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