Declaration of Independence


There is always a time in life when good things must come to an end.

The bonds that we once formed crumbles into shattered pieces.

When all of hope, faith, and love diminishes.

This is the time to severe the ties.

I must severe the tie and let him go, now.

This silence between us seems to mean nothing to him but me.

A relationship is a special bond between two individuals and not a group of people.

Unspoken truths will always escape from the lips of the dishonest people.

Why believe anyone else but my own words?

He has caused a mental instability from the painful days of poor treatments after one little reunion. When he smiles, it has nothing to do with me.

The name of this game of his is called Humiliation.

He has broken promises that will cause future problems.

The trust I once easily had for others will be forever gone.

He never kept his promise of supporting me.

He has forsaken his heart and all feelings of passion by his own insecurity.

His very own harsh words has blackened a hole deep inside of him and tore apart mine.

His demand of cutting off all contact of the outside world has left me unable to socialize.

The long fights and drowning in tears was all for nothing.

I understand that we all have our imperfections, but this is one that I cannot just allow.

The pain I've endured is not only all of his fault, but my own as well.

I wish to not let us come to bad terms in the near future.

I hope for the best for him.

This is my forgiveness.

This is the end of us now.



I absolutely love the title and how it is tied with the last few lines. A great use of an allusion to further conclude the emotion that drove the meaning behind each line. You perfectly inflicted the experience of your break up and really put me in your shoes. 

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