Daylight is consumed by sirens and American themed lights


Cuffs fly around six packed in a Honda, wondering 'Is this a fair sight?'


Screeches from an alarm shatter my trance


Bewildered elder brother enters, concealing something with

a peculiar stance;


The unveiling of his prize sends lightning up my spine


In our innocent presence now lays a jar brimmed with nickel-sized herbal twine


A gaze caught between us with wills about clash


Flares go up for plunging emotions about making a decision so brash


Retorts of what's right... ain't always right


"If we send these guys away will be able to sleep at night?"


A pause...


Anxious tears trickle moist trails along locked jaws


Embedded in the silence a decision had to be made:


To protect us from the blue coat wolves, or relegate six little piggies to societal graves?


The weight of a thousand suns slumped my spirit with the jar in hand


'How at ten am I entrusted with manipulating life's flowing sands?',


Morality shook with each step took


Yearning for simpler days when mom was teaching us how to cook


Locking sight with the chained men in mobile cages


Seeing souls stretch into oblivion, the feeling became contagious


Approached blood-thirsty wolf as he took his time to eye


Placed the jane in hand, and turned... didn't bat an eye


Walked away with a seething urge to run


Paranoid of being the 7th wolfed down, or worse... face misinterpreted guns


The night rolled after reports were filled


My heart being weighed down let normal strain build


'How drastic did the scales of justice swing off my one action.'


Recognizing then, 'All decisions have equal, opposite, sometimes polarizing reactions.'


Felt guilty then, but justified in virtue


Comprehending now, "When They See Us", I covet the chance to say, "I did not mean to hurt you."


Daily I whim between the choice made


Concluding: The action was just, but could have been better played.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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