My eyes are met with a thousand worlds

And I marvel in front of many possibilities,

But I can't choose. I cannot find my words.

And so the strings are pulled by other entities.


I gaze upon this hindered soul

That could have soared so high into the sky.

But it is empty and dark just like a coal;

It's shackled to the cold and humid ground.


Why would I smile, pretend I'm someone else?

My wings were cut before they even grew.

And what about the feelings I suppress?

Should I just let them die along with my dreams too?


Each second of my life hurts more and more

And every time I see my own reflection,

I spot the struggle and I watch the war

Not knowing what's the right direction.


The world is harsh, but it becomes a hell

If I don't break the chains and walk the path I choose.

I ought to come out of that shell;

Embark the ship,deciding my own cruise.

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