Fri, 10/27/2017 - 13:39 -- J2Phi

I find myself caught

Between joy in selective solidarity

And dissatisfaction in the short time I have


I could be the king of naught 

But myself, increasing clarity

Of view, but of the whole story this is only half


These moves I make are not my own, but my caution’s

These steps I take are to avoid conflict, however dauntin

These leaves I rake are not the reds and yellows that come from autumn 

They are the thoughts scattered across my mind, the main source of my problems


A coffin is made for comfort that no one can feel

A basket woven of expensive cloth and material

But there’s no chance of restoration, no way to heal

The life lost when God holds up his end of the deal


In the end, there is no return

No way to get back paper that has already burned

You can only take it as opportunity to learn

From transgressions that unexpectedly take a sudden turn 

For the worse


Could you blame a senior for getting weaker

Even though the body has a mind of its own

Fault a student for hating teachers

When he’s at school more than home

These are inevitabilities that one cannot control

Factors that, in both senses, the heart eventually shows

The ultimate will that you feel in your soul

Fight it as long as you want

But a lid on a bottle full of heated gas is bound to explode

I hope you understand this isn’t how I hoped things would go

Lord knows, there was a time that I had hoped we’d grow old

I just want to reassure you, because from what I’m told

Your biggest fear was that I wouldn’t fit the mold

Please know, that as I’m speaking this, no matter how bold

As I imagine the warmth of your skin, mine turns cold

All sincerity intended, this decision will unfold

Unravel, unlock a love story that is stowed

Away, waiting for you to take it and behold

A new love to replace the old. 


It’s time to let go.

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