The Deciding Factor of the Rest of My Life

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 13:51 -- mcd1230

There came a time in my life when I had to choose

between two people that wanted to start something new.

I’ve always came across choosing between two factors,

but I never experienced this kind of sadness with any other matter.


Sometimes I can have the best of both worlds, but in this case I couldn’t.

I had to decide between the choices, whether it was the  first, second, or third.

That's where feelings and circumstances become extremely obscured

causing me to be tempted down each and every path.


One relationship made me feel so grand,

but the other person could’ve become a much better man.

I knew that each one had their advantages,

but also each one had a couple cons.

I had to make a decision before I was too far gone.


They were equally enticing

and each one would’ve brought me something brand new.

How unfortunate it is that I have to be forced to choose.

One’s captivating smile brought me in

as I was getting lost in the other’s eyes.


I say this with some regret,

or maybe with some relief,

that I made the right choice on that fateful day.

Laying here next to him, I can't sleep

because I wake up due to the feeling inside

that I must look up this morning with thanks to the sky.



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