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I see you in the corner of my eyes,
Black projections or just figments of my imagination.
With just a glance, a glimpse then your gone.
I feel your pain, I see the fear, knowing my time is near.
You circle me, swiftly and violent, never to close,
As if your waiting for something, maybe an overdose.
I struggle to see your face, look unhappy in this place.
Where are you from I might ask,
Doesnt matter, your life has been a waste.
Guilty as sin you are, no excuses, your time has past.
Are you angels here to take me to heaven,
Oh no, your life in hell will take place in all seven.
Will I die a good death, please thats all I ask,
Your the right hand of satan now; don your mask.
Your lies and deception are why your here,
You dont believe me just glance into this mirror.
At that instance I seen all that I have become,
No Remorse, No Regret, No Love.
At that moment the devil turned to me, winked and grinned,
I so proud of you my son, now return to me all that have sinned.
Your a good follower in deed, this one last task is all I need.
The antichrist is rising, do you accept this honor and lead.


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