A Debt Free Society

A rich man's game is a poor mans dream
The poor living day to day
Dreaming of a reality
Where there is no rich or poor, just equality
Something that I would definitely want to see
What would I change you ask?
I would rid the country of its debt


What a sight it would be
A single mother would have the money to feed her baby
The elderly would have the medication necessary
People would be free and have the ability
To create a better situation for them and their family
Eliminating some kind of doubt or uncertainty
Creating a new kind of normality


A new slate would be given
People would have the life they envision
There would be no economic classes; we would all be one breed
People would have the money they need
Giving students the ability to succeed
Those with visions can proceed
The world would change for the better
A debt free soceity


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