Debris in Your Heart. Flowers in Your Hair

“It's budding"
“Are you kidding?”
“No. You are the father”
“Why even bother?”
“I won't say your name”
“Abortion. Pills. Anything that kills”

Anything that kills…
Why did you make it happen
If you were to see it as a weapon
To end your name,
Qualification for other options.
Yeah that's what you wanted:
One night stands,
No string,
No obligation.
Complete dependence on your independence.

You had debris in your heart
And flowers in your hair.
Showing that you care,
But testing how much I can bare

I wish you knew how I felt,
How I dealt
With the pain
That would never drain.
My mind would pool with thoughts
And cool into hard rocks.

You called it the past,
The mother of your child
To be a wild beast
Are these new trends for all ends?
Abandon who you love
And fly off on the wings of a dove?

You could and so you did because
you had debris in your heart
And flowers in your hair.
I had flowers in my heart and
Debris in my hair.
Maybe this is why I shouldn't dare
To wear your last name
For all that came
In pain
And left in vain...

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Our world


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