Death will do us part


United States
33° 9' 35.8056" N, 117° 17' 6.8892" W

laying cold
dripped in sweat
eyes rolled back
shaking at the tips
I sit hear wondering why o why
I fall to my knees
frightened by the sight
purple lips and cold blood
I hold you hand feel your icy skin
I ask why o why
you promise me you hold my hand and carry me through the troubling nights
now you sit laying on my vacant chest as I think back to are last kiss
the way you held my hips
I grabbed my finger tips and touch your lips
softly thinking back to the nights
filled with such lust
I sit her now looking in your eyes unable to let go of those nights
I wiped away your last tears
and slowly begun mine
I prayed to God screaming why o why
I hear the sirens time is dying fast
I cant let go yet
you were my past and you were my preset
and will be forever my future
I dropped to the floor and garbed the gun
and took one gun shot to the head
and became one
as they busted through the door
as death filled the air
they fell to there knees
tears stained there cheeks
two beautiful angles
lifted from hell
they rest in peace
for those who died in glory of love
and burn in hell for those who loved


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