Death to Slavery

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 13:22 -- AshLuck

We live in a world of real niggas and bad bitches

Stick to the code of the streets no time for snitches

Sell drugs, twerking, stripping are the jobs

Women walking around in tight dresses and high heels saying they're wifey material

But you can't boil rice or corn on the cob

nobody wants to invest in stocks

We're too busy buying Gucci, Verssace, Polo down to the socks

Homeboy died over some shoes

Nobody cared because they were coppin all the Trues

You say you're different but I don't see it

You all designer everything and poopin mollies smokin weed I don't believe it

When did it become cool to be ignorant and plain?

If you ask me we're just a bunch of slaves

Too busy looking for love in all the wrong places

Shades cover our eyes to hide the pain on our faces

Money, power, respect, love from our peers is what we seek

We say we're strong but scared of pain man my generation's weak

You see the old folks use to say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger

But now we give up before we can conquer

Conquer the problems of the world that have been present since the beginning of time

We say we want change but we're too comfortable in this slime we call our life

Content with government assistance and being so low we forget where we come from

We use to be kings and queens inventors of such great things

I've had enough of this vicious cycle

So I decided to break away from my peers find hope in the words of the bible

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I can take the pain life gives me because my savior took the ultimate pain

I don't need tight clothes and fresh J's to be that kid

All I need is the bright personality and driven given to me by God and the work ethic of my parents to make my dreams a reality

I look to Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and the great leaders before me who fought to overcome the struggle

I was born to stand out you can have your little bubble

I am black and proud and I am not afraid to say it loud

I'm challenging all of my brothers and sisters to go against the grain

No more being plain

Let's invent new things that can change the world

Show the people we are more than dumb reality stars and world star

Let us seek knowledge and find

Don't be a slave open your mind



I couldn't say it any better...

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