Death of Sanity

weightless, imbalanced, tolerable.
the tedious length of time, sensely immeasurable.
he don't know what happened to him? 
why he felt a vertigo, so dull and dim.
he can't see himself, pretty much invisible.
the one he talked to, seems today unmindable.
how can they achieve, revolution they wished,
unity in communicating, out of the gist?
all he see, all he can sense,
depressing mood, some anger in essence.
he felt confused, events are no lucid,
out of things, nowhere to reach, so unplacid.
he tried to remember, all things were darkness.
black as night, a shadow of emptiness.
he surrendered, what really happened?
until someone re-tell what have gotten.
a bullethole in the temple, 
of the one who lied down.
grim acted as a mediator,
loaner in the deadline.
boom you're time's up, so i'll sent one,
fulfills the destiny, no more losing chance.
a conflict he planned, a conflict he wanted,
which makes him, in heavens a debted. 
magic of touch, their hands of waved,
grim hidden in the souls of the wasted.
now he realized why the occurence,
and now it seems, rationality of sadness.
somber of periods, deserving to be sighed,
killed in action, anoited them blind.
and now, the cycle terminates.
another one blooms, suffers the same.
as one had said, the world keeps on going,
worse than it seems, as long as the marble's revolving.
the end signifies two things,
close to each other, controlling in acting.
the death of one, leads to another,
the more important, being a human is in danger.


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