The Death of Poe

Mysterious, Unusual, and Now Known.

T'was Dark and Morbid With No Mercy Shown.

Poor, Poor, Poe.

Found in A Gutter Outside A Bar.

Demon Rum Flowing Through Him.
He awoke.
Now awake he finds himself in this mysterious place.
Poor, Poor, Poe.
Oh If He Could Only Know.
His New Home, The Place For The Mad.
Poor, Poor, Poe.
Oh The Torture To Soon Be Had!
Poor, Poor, Poe.
Shocks and Sizzles.
His Unheard Cries and Moans.
Needles and Knives.

More Pain.

More Cries.

Washed out look in his eyes.

Poor, Poor, Poe.

All to “Help” they say.

All to “Heal” they say.
“The Pain Will Go Away.”

“One more slice.”

“One more test.”

“One more shock.”

“Only one more to go.”

This was the horrible death of poor, poor, Edgar Allan Poe.


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