The Death of the March Hare

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 00:09 -- Fictari

Broken glass,

Masks upturned;

The March Hare is dead,

Lying there among the dancers.

A giggle starts

That turns to a roar;

Only a laugh for the death of the March Hare.

So sad his passing,

The ferryman to delightful madness.

"Yuk yuk yuk" they chant.

Only the cloaked man cares;

The one who does not share the laughter;

An outsider, an untouchable,

But no less a man,

Even more of a man in fact,

For not mocking the memory of the March Hare,

Ferryman to delightful madness.

Silence And reminiscence

His final tribute

To the March Hare,

Ferryman to delightful madness.



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