Death of a Doll

Looking in the mirror 

at all my minor scars

my mind begun to wonder back

to my hellish vampiric  czar.


His words still rung in my ears

calling me worthless saying

that my fate was to die 

an earthly death like a common mortal


Tonite wa the night

that I would fight back

cuz I'm sick of all his violent attacks

I wanted my freedom exact.


To his bedchamber I go

with uncovered katakana in tow

ready to face the foe

that was my vampiric czar.


He knew I was coming

and prepared for a the fight

before we started he asked

So my worthless pet are you going to kill me tonight?

my answer was only a heated glare.


He gave me in return

the same hated stare then

lunging at me with bare hands

Placing me in death's final dance.


Sword placed in heart

like a dart in a board

smiling I watch him fall

death's lullaby sung by 

its best angels as harps rung




The true death that day

was not his but mine

Cuz you see I died a true

Death of a Doll....

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