Death in the Cosmos

I used to look to the stars

Back before I understood the cosmos

I, the lizard in need of affirmation

Only drew light from a dead source


I attended an emotional burial 

In the carpeted room designed

For the dective's allocation of information

And I was the primary source


Not a child shivering in the summer

Heat reflective of those accounts

Of hellscapes and introductions to Satan

No, just a walking source 


That is when I stopped putting my beliefs

Into the cosmos because like my father

They lay dead on a table for veiwing

Dressed in fancy conspiracies and theories


I look to the Earth for hope

Life continues to blossom at the fingers

Of trials and misfortune inflicted by

Either time or human interaction


Betterment does not come 

Out of the blue skies and on the wind

It falls from person to person

I thank the people that bettered me

This poem is about: 
Our world


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