Death Around The Corner

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 19:58 -- Bless


United States

Sleepless nights.
Silence all around me
even when I'm awake.
The days are quicker and seem few.
World in a recession.
My city the murder capital.
Hungry days, nights full of thirst.
Thoughts at a standstill.
Dreams that reoccur.
Weeks that are repetitious.
Each having lesser meaning than the last.
Could death be around the corner!?



This poem addresses a problem that many people endure- the constant fear for their lives. Although the circumstances may be different, depending on where someone lives, this poem does a great job of describing how every person in this position has the constant longing to know what lurks around the corner.

Frank James Davis

Certainly sounds ominous, Bless; all one can hope for, I suppose, is that the corner be distant enough to allow for an unforeseen, necessarily radical change in direction.
Intriguing piece!

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