Death and Life

The Republic is dying, tattered flags flying, whole nations are being consumed,

Tribes of the meek hiding, Hordes of gangs chanting, and humanity doomed.


Allegiance to chaos, strife, sickness and loss, the earth eaten by her children.

The rise of Lord Death, to War with his foul breath, the fall of the kingdom of men.


Hope is lost in this reality, none left to fight past or alter future,

No salvation is there to see, no reason to endure.


Hark! A warmth caressing the timid,

A heavenly chorus singing.

A love to battle the livid,

A light from the shadows is springing.


A Caesar riding on the hills,

A Cyrus saving the sick,

An Alexander in his youthful thrill,

A Charlemagne with his shield thick.


And so he’ll slay the wicked of this world,

A rotting, festering wound cleansed with fire.

A rich, new tapestry neatly unfurled.

The rise of a green and brilliant Empire.


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