Death, they say

Waits for no man

It preys on the weak

And motivates the darkness inside

The darkness that threatens our life. 


I say, 

Death is the light

Death is the thing that waits for us

When no one else does

Death is the clouds in the sky

When the rain threatens to silence the sun. 

It is a bystander, in it all. 


So when death comes to take my soul, 

I will wait for it

Not run

Not hide 

I will wait, as it has done for me.


I will not sigh or moan or cry

As it comes

I will not provoke sleep, or age, or knife

That took my light

I will wait and thank it for waiting


Waiting on my good days, 

Waiting on my bad, 

Waiting in the shadows, 

Waiting in the light. 


Thank you for waiting, I will say

And then I will die. 

And it will be a happy day,


At my funeral they will say, 

How much they miss, 

How much they hate 

The never-ending abyss

We all go when we die. 

And they will cry


But their tears, 

In vain, 

It is beyond them to see, 

That death will wait on them, 

As it waited




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