once upon a time 
the end 
cant go back 
only look forward 
life is over
Why are you so scared 
of the unknown
can't you see that light is 
you and i can travel the world
grab my hand let's explore
dont look back, come with me
I wont let you go
ive waited a century for this 
day so please
dont go
look at the flowers 
waving merrily at
your arrival
the towering green trees 
stretching their branches to
embrace you 
This is your world 
to risk you away
when your flesh
when you feel that 
you world is 
suffocating, this is 
Thats it step closer
so we can frolic
like fairies 
feel the cool breeze nudge
at your feet to me
this is your world
this is my world 
this is ours
we finally meet
we finally see
yin, yang you and me 
the end is our new 


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