Dearly Oppressed

"We hold these truths to be self evident,

That noone is created equal.
That They have been endowed by Their creator
With access to certain conditional rights
That among these rights,
Are guns, bullets, and black lives
There is no consideration or interest in the coloured circumstance
Because They are entitled to proceed with such

Institutionalized hatred, with justification from

Laws that have been written by Them."


Dearly Oppressed,

We are gathered here today

Lathered in pain, rinsed with hopefulness

Still believing that the Dream was not delivered in vain

That the chains will one day be broken

And victory won.

laws have been manipulated

Constructed and refined in ways that ignore justice

On your behalf


Enraged at the thought of you-

You for being brilliant

You for being indigenous

You for innovation, You for teaching.

Unarmed and innocent

Carrying the world on your backs


Conditional freedom; they gave you

Ultimatums upon stipulations

They tried to dehumanize you

Robbed you of your joy

Destroyed any thoughts of self-worth and prosperity

Ghettoized your culture, demeaning your intelligence.

Then stole everything you’ve created:

Your art, your children



who are worth nothing more than the dirt in the ground

The same dirt, that turns into fresh soil

After His teardrops have rained.

dirt that fertilizes the flowers to bloom

For the crops to grow and harvest.

Endowed by your creator, rooted in love

Foundations of a King.


What aren't they afraid of?

Disguised in black robes, suits, uniforms

With hatred towards those whose skin is bronzed with grace,

They are to blame for your suffering

Left you with only the memories

Of those who have slipped away.


Slaved in heavy chains

Locked behind metal bars and ironed doors

Your backyard is barbed wire and weeds

1 in 15.

Caught on a train, walking the street, behind the wheel

danger , danger!

Your body lie there

Blood seeping through your shirt,

Eyes staring at your skull

Gasping for the last three seconds of life

1 2 3


Who is accountable for the pain?

Since justice is not served here,

The man who sits at the throne of thrones shall have no mercy

On Judgement day.


And after all of the convictions that have been made after your brown skin

I hope that you still remember how powerful you are

Deserving in every right.

Mind so brilliant, heart so pure

Do not conform to the fallacies

Do not accept these pleas

Your essence consumes the universe

with wisdom which dances against moons


Can't you see that they fear you?

Systematically Oppressed, beaten, murdered.

All because of your power

What is your crime, you ask?

Being Black and fearless in America

And still you stand strong-


Black man,

Let no weapon formed against you prosper.

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My community


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