Dear Younger Me, I hate you so much

I hated you

I did

You were loud and boisterous 

you wanted to be beautiful

you wanted to be liked

your first day of school at a predominantly white elementary school

you looked for someone 

Someone who looked like you 

someone who looked like US

another black girl

you found her 

you were excited 

but she made it worse

she was friends with them 

she was friends with everyone and you wanted to be her friend 

but she was "black but not TOO BLACK" 

you were "too black" 

you were loud 

so you quieted down

you were wild 

so you relaxed

LITTLE black girl

I hated you because 

you asked mom to blow-dry your hair every weekend

and she did 

until there was less and less hair to blow-dry

you wanted to be beautiful 

but you were still never enough

always LESS than them 

you were too dark during the summer 

and not light enough during the winter 

you were worried you'd never fit in amongst white people

you hated your wide nose and wide hips 

somedays you still do 

you didn't grow out of your insecurities until you were old enough to reallize those insecurities were what made you BEAUTIFUL 

you finally understood that less was MORE

and you were MORE

you were almost grown when you realized your beauty 

you were scared you'd never find a boyfriend to make you feel infinitely beautiful 

but You did


but he wasn't what you needed to be beautiful 

all you had to do was realize how beautiful you were and love yourself and everyone else would follow

Don't worry little black girl 

You became everything you ever wanted to be 

You're strong 

You're beautiful

You're powerful 

You're Colorful 

You're present 

You're heard and your voice matters 

People hear you

People respect you 

People are proud of you 

Little Black Girl 

Trust me 

Beautiful black girl has your back

I love you

I've loved for years it simply took time for you to realize it

you were so consumed with who thought you were LESS

you forgot you could ever be more

Thank you little black girl 

You made me who I am today

Who we are today


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Very inspiring, thank you!

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