Dear Young Black Women

Dear young black women you are strong, dear young black women you are not alone

We come in all shades we are not defined, dear young black womenwe will shine

The texture of our hair nappy, straight, or permed, we are black women that we have learned

No matter what we will embrace our skin, we fought for our rights and if we had too we would do it again.

Dear young black women I call your name, no matter the shade of skin, texture of hair,

or where you come from, we are all the same.


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Our world
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Ka'Niya Pickens

Hey everyone I am 13 years old I write poems to express my feeling. Being a young black women isn't always easy.

We are describe by stereotypes that we are suppose to fit and I just want my africa american queens to feel like they are different 

from what we are characterized as. This poem is not only for black women it's for all woman.

Young J

Cool i loved it

Ka'Niya Pickens

Thank you 


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