Dear You

Dear you,

The cigarettes in your eyes seemed to glisten like that of a holy ambience.

They were translucent angelic fumes laced with desire's poison.

Alive, you felt as your lungs deflated, soon to be clouded with chemical satisfaction.

Focused you were, as your stance swayed as did your silk strands that danced in the gentle breeze.

Grounded you were, as your feet gave way for your knees to kiss the floor beneath them.

How can you claim invincibility when each inhale left a hole in burning in my heart?

Weapons loaded, target locked, shots fired. I guess you must have forgotten about friendly fired

You chose the poison and yet it was my fate that was sealed with a kiss because like a drug I was hooked.

Alive, your love the very antidote that could stop the slow decay of my being.

Focused, your gaze trapping me in a constant loop, while the melodies that your eyes sang were on replay.

Grounded, my once floating thoughts find sanctuary in the gravity of your touch.

To love and to hurt or to heart the one you love, which is worse?

It was supposed to be a tug of war with an indefinite winner, but in the end, we both know I was the one who took the loss.


Sleeping comfortably in my delusions.

-- Someone who used to love you.


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