Dear world, wake up!

Tue, 12/19/2017 - 07:10 -- Arynor7

Things have to get better.

The way we treat people and how we care for each other.

We need to stop judging people for who they are or what they look like.

We need to be able to walk

A mile in someone else's shoes.

We need to understand that the things we say have consequences.

We as a whole need today realize that it takes one minute to brighten someone's day, but one word to destroy someone's life. 

We need to take responsibility for our words and actions, and not make excuses for them.

We must blind ourselves to the world's expectations of "perfection" and realize we are all perfectly imperfect. 

We must accept that nobody is better than anyone else, we all bleed the same color, so the objects we have shouldn't make one person more deserving than another. 

We should remember that we are all connected as a whole universe of differences, so the only race that matters is the human race. 

We have to bring back the humanity, we all once had, and see the simple beauty in a young girl's smile, the joy in a child's laugh, the love in a mother's heart and the hope we all have for a better tomorrow .

Maybe if we do these simple things, it will get better.

It has to get better. 


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Our world


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