Dear Women

Do you see what time has done?

Less than a century ago, our era had begun.

In a male dominated society, we had sprung late but strong and gentle

We declared independence and begun the war that still goes on and yet is momental

How could we have fallen before?

1920s; the day to vote came ashore.

Before we rose we lingered and watched from the shadows

We dozed, blind from all that occurred, while the men, above, they rose.

After one too many political and societal blows

We stood tall and proud, and fought

After the war that continues on, our freedom we’ve mostly bought.

Still now we face a prejudice that lengthens the war by decades

Even before we fought, the sickness that is prejudice still poisons us with its toxic blades

Women,  when will our war be over fighting? When will the prejudice end?

Now, is the time for our message of equality to send.


This poem is about: 
Our world



It's an amateur poem but it encases my feelings about women's rights now.


Hi Vicky, I absolutely loved your poem. I am a high school student doing a project about women's rights. I was wondering if I could use your poem as an example. Also, I need a little biography about you. If you could contact me at my email Thanks!

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