Dear Twenty,

You made it into college; it's easy.

Your highschool teachers lied.

What's hard is being alone. 

Finding yourself is harder.

Learning how to "adult" and being independent is a challenge. 

Wanting to aconplish your goals and make your parents proud it almost impossible.

Being a breathing, walking, and talkingball of bottled up emotions is hardest of all.

You spill out on emotion and people will judge you as being overemotional. 

Let another facade slip that shows you aren't happy and people will call you a mess.

Break down, and well your being dramatic. 


You are expected to be mature, but wanting to stay a child.

Responsible for things you never learned in school:






Paying for it all with more than just money you don't have.

Paying it with your soul, energy, and happiness.

Utterly overwhelmed with the choices you have to make.

Anixety grows, depression festers.


Slow it down, breath in some fresh air.

Feel better; temporary.

Can't break this cycle, period.


Weight gain, celulite shows.

Confidence plumets.

Tears fall.

Self worth is nonexistent.


Get your life together, focus on school they say.

Get a job, not enough distractions.

Your "happy go lucky" self doesn't hang around when you're alone.

You lie in bed, day dreaming of your dreams.

Goals you keep giving up on.


College is easy, good grades come naturally.

Being alone is hard, finding yourself is even harder.

You worry that you won't like what you find.


Self love is hard, but you give it a shot.

What do you have to lose?


The cycle breaks, 

You found yourself.

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