Dear Teachers,

Dear Math Teacher,

I know that 2+2=4

So instead of reviewing this 2nd grade lesson

Teach me how to have at least a decent credit score


Dear History Teacher,

I admire you because the past ALWAYS seems to come back

and..well... the last time I looked in the mirror

My skin tone was a form of brown known as black


Dear Science Teacher,

At times I understand you, Other times I don't

you say my mind controls my body

My heart says It wont



Dear English teacher,


you taught me not to give a f*ck 

about those around me

That try to belittle me because they have yet to realize that to belittle someone

Is to Be Little

you taught me that not all fairytales end with a happily ever after

you taught me that in my  world I matter



Dear teachers ,

teach me things  ,prepare me for life

you have yet to teach me what to do when Im on my last coin

when I barely have a pen to write a poem

what to do when my best friend was shot

on my block

with a 40 caliber glock..

that was in my hand

don't just  listen : just understand

 Life is more than 2x-y=b

more than the Underground railroad in History

I have air with no gravity

Dear Teachers,Im just askin-begging you to prepare me

For life beyond these white walls...





Life is more than 2x-y=b

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