Dear teachers

Dear teacher,

You've had many, many years of education

'tis wonderful, isn't it?

That's what makes it such a shame, then

that you're are without a doubt the stupidest person

I've ever had the misfortune of working with.

You, my lovely reader, may think

I have poor grades

Maybe I'm rude

Maybe I'm crude

Maybe I'm simply too rowdy.

No, good sirs and madams,

I am a good student.

All assignments turned in

All ducks in proper and square rows.

No, my dear teachers.

You have simply wasted your extensive education,

and now I sit in detention because evidently I've forgotten an assignment

Or, you've forgotten where you've put it

Or, you forgot to grade it

Or, perhaps you've given it to an unsuspecting homeless man.

You, my dear teacher, are a theif of oxygen. Curteosy of Rusell Brand

With warmest, sincerest, and most cordial regards,

A bitter senior in desperate need of a break


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