Dear Students

Aren't human
Schools only pretend
To give a shit
And be prudent
Because in their eyes
You're only a statistic

Depression is a pit
In which they drive you down
You're just not trying hard enough if you have a full plate
Because failure is not allowed

And the system is confused
As to why their files are erasing themselves at a higher rate
From bottom of the ranks
To gone
To late

According to the government
The bill of rights
Doest apply to you
I'm not being rude
It's simply the truth
That our youth
Doesn't qualify
For the bill's use

This is abuse
They can do whatever they want to you
Unreasonable search and siezure
Is allowed at the school's leisure
You don't qualify as human
All you are is a creature
"We don't have a warrant
But we are allowed to arrest
This is of no concern to you
Just pass your damn test"

The kids who struggle
Are always the ones in trouble
And the consequences double
When they don't conform
When they're not soluble
In school's rough waters
Just remember that
You're always a suspect
If you aren't taking honors

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My community
My country
Our world
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