Dear Stress

Dear Stress,


I thought we were friends,

But lately, I can't seem to handle you.

You've got to stop clinging to me

Because you're gripping too tight

And strangling me.

I can't breathe,

You squeeze harder.

I'm turning blue

And now salt is pouring down my face.

Can't you see that enough is enough?

Congratulations, you've overwhelmed me:

You have my full attention and detestation.


It doesn't have to be this way, you know.

I truly believe we can be a good team again.

It will take work,

And there will have to be boundaries,

But I know that we can be so much more than what we are right now.

Together we can conquer challenges, rise to the competition:

Nerves, focus, excitement,



I can't be your antagonistic host anymore,

And I won't.

Can't we go back to being good friends?

That's what I really want,

What about you?


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